The Open Door Clinic

Hours: Tuesdays 5pm-7:30pm (NO Appointments)
Location: First Presbyterian Church, 130 W. Central, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Phone: 715-720-1443


Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services are available the first three Tuesdays of the month.

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Dental Care Available

The ODC will pay $200 per patient per year for dental care.

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About Us imageAbout Us image
The Open Door Clinic, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides basic health care services and a connection to community resources to Chippewa County residents who are without a health care alternative.
Nationally, it is estimated that eight to ten percent of the American population has no health insurance. In Chippewa County, that equates to 5,600 neighbors without health insurance. "The people who are most at risk today are those who have no health insurance at all. They're at risk of not getting regular care when they need it."
We strive to:
  • Provide basic health care services to uninsured.
  • Provide basic lab testing.
  • Provide basic pharmaceutical services.
  • Assist patients with prescription program applications.
  • Remain aware of and leverage area resources to maximize our impact within the community.
  • Provide a challenging, rewarding, and supportive environment for volunteers.

The Clinic Story began when Dr. Tom Chisholm moved back home to Chippewa Falls in 2005. Dr. Chisholm and a small group of community members set to work to open a free clinic in Chippewa Falls. The first challenge was to find a place to house the Clinic. The First Presbyterian Church had an ideal space and they were approached in June of 2005. The Church members discussed the idea in July and agreed to let the Clinic use the Church building.
Recruiting a Board of Directors was the next task. The people who agreed to be on the Board included doctors, nurses, social workers, lawyers, pharmacists, business people and community members. The Board of Directors held its first meeting September 19, 2005. The Open Door Clinic was selected as the name and the mission statement was written at that meeting. The Board agreed to initially meet twice a month in order to accelerate the process of making the Clinic a reality.
Then came the legal work of incorporating, filing for 501(c)(3) and tax exempt status. In March 2006 the 501(c)(3) was approved. The Board was working on by-laws, developing a budget, and fundraising. Thanks to the Rutledge Charities’ check of $25,000 the Clinic had start up funds. The Clinic was approved as a United Way agency in January 2007. The community has continued to provide funding.
Next came remodeling the space, recruiting volunteers, and getting supplies and equipment. A trip to Marshfield, Wisconsin provided five computers donated by Marshfield Clinic. Cray donated office partitions and office furniture. Spectrum Industries provided additional office furnishings. January 2006 the exam rooms started to take shape and a secure medical storage room was built in the basement using a door donated from S.J. Manufacturing. Marshfield Clinic in Chippewa Falls donated a medicine cart and other medical equipment and supplies.
Operating policies and procedures were developed next. The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic in Eau Claire provided the computer program, developed for them, to the Open Door Clinic to use. Visits to the Eau Claire Clinic helped to understand the operational challenges. The hours of operation were established to be every Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
All of this work took place from September 2005 to March 2006. The result of all this work was the opening of the clinic to serve patients on April 18, 2006. That was the beginning of growth and improvement of services. Annual statistics show this growth and the great need for medical care for those without medical resources in Chippewa County. The Board quickly realized the operation of the Clinic required more day-to-day operations supervision. St. Joseph Hospital was asked about contracting to provide a Clinic Coordinator. The agreement was reached in October 2007 and the Clinic welcomed Dr. Deb Bieging as the first clinic coordinator. Many improvements of procedures and patient services have been made since the clinic opened in 2006.

Barb Stevens
Vice President
Chris Maslonkowski RPh
Elizabeth Buchanan PhD
Katelyn King
Barb Stevens RN, Sandra Frohling, Katelyn King, Ed Ebert DO, Susan Albee RN, RaeAnn Sigel, Joel Sigel, Gail Prock BSN JD, Chris Maslonkowski RPh, Marly's Daniels, and Elizabeth Buchanan PhD.
Clinic Coordinator
Kim Renaud, RN MS

Basic Services

The Open Door Clinic, Inc. has many trained health and other professionals available to offer basic treatments. Some of the services/positions the clinic currently has had on Tuesday include the following: Registration, Reception, Transcription, Pharmacy/Pharmacy Technician, Tech Support, Dietitian/ Diabetic ED, Nursing (triage, rooming, and other), MD/DO, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, PA/NP, and PAP.

Connections and Resources

The Clinic has partnered with area health organizations to provide lab testing and other diagnostic services to patients. The Clinic can, when needed, refer patients to other community resources for dental health and psychological care. Attached is a document with the numbers, emails, locations, and hours of many of the Open Door Clinic's partners in the surrounding area.

Open Door Clinic Pamphlets Connections.docx

Volunteer positions image
Get Involved
There are many ways to offer support to The Open Door Clinic, Inc. Below is a detailed list of needed volunteer positions.

Volunteer Positions
  • Receptionist: Greet Patients, provide appropriate forms and screen other visitors
  • Registration: Enter patients in computer, pull charts if necessary and direct them to downstairs registration or intake as indicated. Update contact information, make new charts when needed, and track visits along with other miscellaneous office tasks (data entry of vitals and permanent problems)
  • Intake: Screen patients for eligibility as well as other needs. Direct them to other community resources when appropriate
  • Patient Care: Take vital signs, room patients, clean rooms, and assist providers as requested. If experienced and licensed, you may give injections
  • Lab Staff: Perform venipuncture, collect, process, document and store specimens.
  • Independent Licensed Provider: Assess patients, evaluate, diagnose and order treatment. May perform minor office procedures if experienced and covered by malpractice for the procedure.
  • Other Licensed Provider: Assess patients, evaluate, diagnose and recommend treatment under the auspices of an independent provider
  • Medication Dispenser: Dispense medications ordered by providers. Medicine consulting with patients
  • Pharmacy Technician: Perform pharmacy technician duties under the auspices of a licensed RPh, MD or RN volunteer
  • Triage Nurse: Assess patients prior to patient visiting with providers. Assess patient's weight and vital. Reconcile medications. May authorize pharmacy to refill a medication per ODC guidelines, may order labs per ODC guidelines and give injections as ordered
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner: Evaluates patient's pulmonary function, administers medically prescribed respiratory therapy, administers Pulmonary Function tests, educates patients about medication regimens
  • PAP Volunteers: Assist patients in applying for the Patient Assistance Program through the various pharmaceutical companies
  • Medication Entry: Enter medications dispensed in the patent records in the computer and print medication labels
  • Filing Support: Assemble charts; create problems lists and record diagnosis
  • Transcription: Transcribe dictations from providers
  • Office Support Staff: Assist with various office duties including typing, data entry (labs, donations, etc) records requests, scanning, and shredding and equipment maintenance
  • Tech Volunteers: Maintain computers, database, website, etc.
  • Host/Hostess: Provides meals to volunteers

Why Volunteer?

Our volunteers receive on-going support from our staff and other volunteers. In addition, our volunteers take care and pride in:

  • Addressing community problems and affect solutions.
  • Involving congregations, businesses, schools and civic clubs.
  • Renewing lives and restore hope for your neighbors in need.

More than 100 volunteers have helped us make a difference in the community. Come join us in providing a health care alternative to those who have none.

Thank you for showing interest in The Open Door Clinic Inc. There is a plethora of volunteer positions available and we are sure there is one here for you! Below are two applications. One application is for individuals who are licensed and applying for a licensed required position while the other application is for those seeking a position with no licensing required.

Application without Licensing

Nonlicensed Volunteer application 2018.docx

Application with Licensing

Licensed Volunteer application 2018.docx

For additional information concerning volunteering, please contact:

Volunteer Coordinator


Donation Amount

When is the clinic open?

We are open Tuesdays from 5pm - 7:30pm

Where is the Open Door Clinic located?

We are located at 130 W. Central in the 1st Presbyterian Church in downtown Chippewa Falls (next to Family Fare's parking lot).

Do I need an appointment?

No, the clinic sees patients on first-come-first-served basis. We do NOT take appointments. We do our best to see all patients, but aren't always able to see everyone.

Who can come to the Open Door Clinic?

You must:
  • Live in Chippewa County
  • be uninsured or underinsured
  • have income less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines
  • If you live outside of Chippewa County, call the clinic at 715.720.1443 to see if you qualify
*For those who are struggling with their income and their medical costs, call the clinic for more information at 715.720.1443

How much will my visit cost?

The clinic is free to patients who meet the guidelines. Medications ordered by clinic providers are free as well. We will ask patients to enroll in programs for medications we can get for free from drug companies. You may be asked to provide tax records or proof of income for these programs.

What do you want your clients to know?

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Is the clinic handicap accessible?

Yes, we have an elevator and wheelchair available. Just let a volunteer know if you need help getting around the clinic.

What kinds of services are available?

There are general medical services, psychiatry, pulmonology, physical therapy, chiropractor and dietician/diabetic educator. Not all of these services are available every week. Call 715.720.1443 before you come to check if the service you need is available that week.