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There are many ways to offer support to The Open Door Clinic, Inc. Below is a detailed list of needed volunteer positions.

Volunteer Positions
  • Receptionist: Greet Patients, provide appropriate forms and screen other visitors
  • Registration: Enter patients in computer, pull charts if necessary and direct them to downstairs registration or intake as indicated. Update contact information, make new charts when needed, and track visits along with other miscellaneous office tasks (data entry of vitals and permanent problems)
  • Intake: Screen patients for eligibility as well as other needs. Direct them to other community resources when appropriate
  • Patient Care: Take vital signs, room patients, clean rooms, and assist providers as requested. If experienced and licensed, you may give injections
  • Lab Staff: Perform venipuncture, collect, process, document and store specimens.
  • Independent Licensed Provider: Assess patients, evaluate, diagnose and order treatment. May perform minor office procedures if experienced and covered by malpractice for the procedure.
  • Other Licensed Provider: Assess patients, evaluate, diagnose and recommend treatment under the auspices of an independent provider
  • Medication Dispenser: Dispense medications ordered by providers. Medicine consulting with patients
  • Pharmacy Technician: Perform pharmacy technician duties under the auspices of a licensed RPh, MD or RN volunteer
  • Triage Nurse: Assess patients prior to patient visiting with providers. Assess patient's weight and vital. Reconcile medications. May authorize pharmacy to refill a medication per ODC guidelines, may order labs per ODC guidelines and give injections as ordered
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner: Evaluates patient's pulmonary function, administers medically prescribed respiratory therapy, administers Pulmonary Function tests, educates patients about medication regimens
  • PAP Volunteers: Assist patients in applying for the Patient Assistance Program through the various pharmaceutical companies
  • Medication Entry: Enter medications dispensed in the patent records in the computer and print medication labels
  • Filing Support: Assemble charts; create problems lists and record diagnosis
  • Transcription: Transcribe dictations from providers
  • Office Support Staff: Assist with various office duties including typing, data entry (labs, donations, etc) records requests, scanning, and shredding and equipment maintenance
  • Tech Volunteers: Maintain computers, database, website, etc.
  • Host/Hostess: Provides meals to volunteers